Kratom as an Effective Remedy for Opiate High

Being dependent on opiate is bad for your health. There are many medical solutions and therapies used to counter this effect. Kratom is one of the safe, and best remedy for opiate high. This product is increasingly becoming popular due to its immense health benefits. There are many variations of kratom, but this write-up is going to help you in choosing the right product for you.

The leave’s extracts of these strains of kratom contain natural forming alkaloids whose effect is similar to that of other opioids. Once they enter the body, alkaloids communicate and abide by the opioid receptors resulting in the following effects.

  • A feeling of euphoria
  • Pain relief
  • Clear mind
  • More strength
  • Optimism
  • More attention and focus
  • Enhanced cognition

In addition to these benefits, kratom is an effective remedy for opiate high symptoms like lack of strength and sleep, anxiety, and depression. Ingesting this herb will clean your body of the negativity brought by opiates and hence allow the body to heal.

Kratom Strains used for Opiate High

There are different varieties of kratom that you can use to counter the adverse effects of opiate high. Their effectiveness varies depending on the user’s body measurement, weight, diet, and other factors. You should choose a kratom product that works best for you. The variety chosen should be capable of countering all the withdrawal systems associated with opiate high. The following are the recommended strains for battling opiate withdrawal symptoms;

  • Red vein Bali
  • Green Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Bali
  • The white or Green Vein Thai

Recommended Dosage for Kratom

The dosage taken varies from one person to another, meaning there is no exact measurement for all users. The potency of this product varies depending on the body size, diet, weight, and tolerance of each. You should start by taking a small amount, about 4g every five hours, and then increase gradually depending on how your body reacts. Its effects last for about five hours.

Long-Term Kratom Therapy for Opiate High or addiction

Long-term usage of kratom has been proven to be a more effective remedy as compared to other types of medications. It is a natural remedy that is effective in taking away cravings, thereby keeping the addicts sober and clean.

Steps Followed to Achieve the Desired Results

  • Picking the right kratom strain.
  • Choosing your favorite fruit and then mix its juice with kratom powder.
  • Stop using opiates- This is one of the key steps to recovery.
  • Start taking kratom instead of opiates- You should mix 7-8 grams of kratom with fruit juice. You can drink this mix for about three times a day, an hour before every meal.
  • Start limiting the consumption of kratom from the fifth days. Continue reducing its consumption until all the withdrawal symptoms are gone.
  • Stay clean-Stop taking kratom and continue living by eating vegetable and fruits.