Moon kratom is an online kratom vendor serving kratom enthusiasts since 2015. This is an Austin based vendor doing a legitimate business in the kratom industry. As a reliable vendor they have been doing this business for many years which shows that they are good at operations regarding kratom. They have various products in kratom for the customers. The kratom they use comes directly from the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Also they get their products lab tested and do various tests to serve their customers the best quality kratom. Low price with quality is their key to the success and popularity.

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How is the quality?


                    Moon kratom’s first priority is their customer’s satisfaction and for this purpose they get fresh quality kratom from southeast forests and after that several tests are done for the customers satisfaction. They have the best salmonella free, tested kratom products also the products are organic and guaranteed. All colours and strains are provided by Moon Kratom with an unmatched and remarkable quality. While talking about Moon Kratom and comparing them with other competitors it becomes clear that unlike many fraudulent vendors in industry they have the lowest price range along with quality. 


Product and price range


Moon kratom offers strains in Green, White, Red and Yellow color. Products they provide are powder, capsule, liquid extract and powder extracts

Complete product list offered by Moon kratom is mentioned below;



  • Yellow Thai Kratom powder
  • White Borneo Kratom powder
  • Red Indo Kratom powder
  • Red Bali Kratom powder
  • Green Indo Kratom powder
  • Maeng Da Kratom powder
  • Yellow Indo Kratom powder

Price range for all these powder strains is from $17.00-$345.00


Capsule and extracts

  • Lunar Kratom capsules= $25-$160
  • HUSH full Spectrum kratom extract 10ml= $20.00-$204.00
  • OPMS Liquid kratom extract 8.8ml= $20-$270
  • Maeng Da kratom extract 10X= $30-$90


Shipping and delivery methods


       Only one service they use for shipping, all the orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail. All the orders are shipped the same day when you order. If you order before cutoff time which is 2pm, your order will be shipped the same day and if you order after the cutoff time then your order will be shipped the next business day. Usually orders take 2-3 business days to deliver and no free delivery is offered by Moon kratom. 


Return policy


         Return policy is available only if the product is unopened or undamaged. You can claim a return within 30 days of placing an order. Customers will pay return shipping cost and also a return or refund fee of $4.50. Customers will send a tracking number to Moon kratom and the amount will be refunded within 3 days and the refund fee will be deducted from that amount. 




  • Premium quality kratom
  • Low price
  • All types of strains
  • Lab tested
  • Salmonella free
  • Same day shipping
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Organic products
  • Easy to shop website
  • Return offer



  • No free delivery
  • Return fee
  • Limited range of products
  • No basic information and no’ About us’ section on website