Kratom tea is always the tea which is made of kratom leaves, and it can help cure some condition, and its effect is secure in that they can stimulate the sedation. Many strains can be made to kratom tea, which is according to one’s preferences. You can use kratom powder in making tea and enjoy its taste. There are many available processes of making kratom tea of which here is one of the simplest.

How Kratom Tea Is Made

When you know the process to make kratom tea, then it will be enjoyable. You, however, need to ensure you have kratom of high-quality with protein strains for you to get the best experience from the tea. Below is the method you can consider when making kratom tea using higher quality kratom. For reference Visit:

You Should Weigh The Dosage

  • You should weigh the dose that you want to use accurately then place it in the cup. If possible, you can use a milligram scale, which is advanced for you to avoid measuring the dosage with your peeled eyes.

Add Some Lemon Juice

  • When adding lemon to the measured kratom, use natural lemon juice, which its ratio should be appropriate. If you have 4 kratom grams, then you can add to it 20 lemon juice grams. After adding it to the kratom, you should ensure you mix as you stir so that they can dissolve fully and you will need some minutes.

Add Boiled Water


  • After there is dissolving, you need to add boiled water where you will add water depending on the amount of tea which you needed to make. After adding the water, you need to stir the mixture again for almost three minutes. Here, you should ensure that you have correctly mixed the ingredients for better results when drinking.

You Can Opt To Use The Strainer

  • Here, you have the choice of using the filter or not. When the kratom you used was of leaves, then you can go on and use a strainer so that your mixture can be well filtered. When the kratom you used was in powder form, then there is no need of you using a filter.
  • You should, however, ensure that kratom powder you use is well dissolved in the water or you can also strain it to make sure it’s okay.

Kratom Tea Is Ready

  • After using a filter, then you can consume your tea peacefully and enjoyable. The tea is very ready for you; the only thing you should do is adding sugar or honey, whatever you like.Considering the way you want it, you can also add some tea bag.
  • You need only a quarter an hour to make the kratom tea ready. There are, however, many other ways of making kratom tea, and this is among them.